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First RTT Session - Concession Holders


1.5 - 2 hours

First RTT Session - Concession Holders

This option is open to students, pensioners and concession card holders.

Book your transformative RTT session with Farita, a compassionate practitioner dedicated to your success. Experience guided techniques that ease your mind and access your subconscious for profound change. Identify blocks, reframe your beliefs, and embark on your journey of transformation.

As part of your session, you will also receive 15-minute transformational recording post-session, essential for your long-term success. This must be listened to daily for at least 21 consecutive days to rewire new neural pathways so you can transform and thrive.

*Please keep your ID card or concession card ready for review during the discovery call/RTT session.

*Please allow up to 2 hours per session.

*We advise you to complete the client intake form and have your discovery call prior to booking your RTT session.

*The price of your session includes a 7 day and 3-week check-in to review your progress to ensure we are seeing positive changes.

*For you convenience, we offer pay-in-installment option to make our service accessible for everyone.

* If you are a potential client unable to find suitable times via our booking page, we encourage you to reach out to us via so we can help you find a day and time for your discovery call and RTT session that works for you.

We are committed helping you transform and thrive.

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