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Victim To Victory

Experience the Power of 'Victim To Victory,' an Amazon Bestseller that unveils the poignant tales of ordinary individuals achieving the extraordinary.


Immerse yourself in Farita's own inspirational journey of conquering adversity following a staggering medical diagnosis, illustrating her remarkable transformation against all odds.

Victim To Victory Hard Cover

GUT WELL: Reverse Colon Strictures and Heal From Ulcerative Colitis & IBD Naturally

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Gut Well Hard Cover - by  Farita K - Coming Soon

Set Your Sights High:
The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide for Success

Learn how to set goals that get results.


Set Your Sights High Hard Cover by Farrita K - Coming Soon


"From Auto Immune to Inspirational" V2V interview featuring Farita Khambatta

"From Auto Immune to Inspirational" V2V interview featuring Farita Khambatta

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From Tragedy To Thriving, How Did She Do It? – Exclusive Interview With Farita Khambatta

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Overcoming Loneliness

Discover the path to overcoming loneliness and building meaningful connections in Farita's article published in One Another. Explore practical ways to enrich your social and emotional well-being today.

Beach Umbrella

Are You Stressed?

Take actionable steps today to bring the zen back into your life and reduce the impact of stress on your mental and physical health in Farita's latest article for he Sussex Newspaper.

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Plant Shadow

Leading Your Life & Business with Confidence

Unlock the secrets to leading your life and business with unwavering confidence in Farita's empowering article published in A Women's Bible. Gain valuable tips and inspiration to step into your full potential and embrace success with self-assurance.

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