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Group Session & Presentations

From $99 per person

3 hours

Group Session & Presentations

Group sessions are a wonderful way to explore Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) amongst like-minded people. During these session Farita will lead you on a shared journey of healing and empowerment. Led with compassionate guidance, these sessions offer a cost-effective introduction to RTT in a encouraging and supportive environment.

Group sessions can be a wonderfully immersive way to experience amd introduce you to the transformative results of RTT.

If you're a businesses wanting to elevate your corporate culture, an organisation with a focus on mental and holistic wellness or a vibrant group wanting to explore empowerment and growth please get in touch to find out how we can colloborate for your next exciting event.

If you'd like to book Farita for an upcoming event or presentation or you'd like to find out more about group coaching sessions or find out more about her availability for speaking at your event please contact

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